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Sessions ~

Birth Chart Readings

All sessions are done via telephone, so you can receive a reading from anywhere in the world! These readings are recorded so you have the ability to go back and listen to them again, if and when you choose.

Within a birth chart reading Malika will share with you your life purpose; what is it you came here to do this lifetime? You will learn of your character and how to work with your struggles and how to fly with your gifts. You will learn of what is going on currently with the planets and how it’s affecting your life – the opportunities that are coming your way and how to make the most of them; where to slow down and where to jump in. Malika shares helpful tools with you so you can apply this reading to your life in a practical way.

Couples/Relationship Readings

Within a relationship reading, Malika will look at both birth charts and combine them to share the blessings and the challenges of the relationship. You will learn the purpose of the relationship. Is this a karmic relationship? Is this a soul mate relationship? You will learn the love language of the relationship – how to best communicate with each other so you are both speaking from your hearts, and the other can receive you. You will learn what area of your relationship flows with ease, and where the challenges are so that you can work with those to form a healthier, awakened bond.

This can also be a reading between friends/co-workers/family members, etc. It does not have to be of a romantic nature. Here you will learn what the bond is between you and someone else; the purpose of the relationship- whether it’s between siblings, parent/child, friends, etc. This will help you see the gifts between the two of you, the purpose of the connection and also the challenges, and the tools you can use to smooth the journey with this particular person.

Your Child’s Astrology Reading

In a child’s astrology reading, Malika works with the parent/parents to help you on many levels. You will learn in detail about the innate character traits that your child came in with. Unlock their emotional make-up, and how to best connect with them on an emotional level. This knowledge helps you communicate with them in a way that they can grasp and respond positively to. What is it that your child is needing in order to feel taken care of on a heart-level, how do they personally need to express their energy to feel free to be themselves? Insight into your child’s gifts and challenges, and how, as a parent, to work with both can give you so much piece of mind.

The Four Seasons Journey: A Sacred Process of Integration, Revelation and Insight

I facilitate a journey that brings you to the core of your being, revealing both your strengths and your weaknesses.We work with the elements – Water, Air, Earth, Fire. The purpose of this in-depth process is to discern the missing element. When they are out of balance, it’s easy to lose an objective understanding of what needs to be done in order to bring clarity and harmony into our lives. This journey is a reflective process that guides you beyond a superficial understanding of yourself into a deeper experience.

With my guidance, you will discover the voice of your soul and find your answers within.
*This is a 60 minute session

Annual Forecast

Within an annual forecast, you will learn how the planets are currently affecting you. You will learn where opportunities lie, and what opportunities are on the horizon for you. You will learn in what area in your life you’re being asked to slow down. You will learn where to tread lightly; where to give some thought before jumping in. You will learn what is currently happening and what is right around the corner, about to bless you. This is a beautiful way to be awakened to the possibilities that are knocking on your door.

You will receive a recording of your reading along with your natal birth chart, sent to your email.

Courses ~

Synastry Series

Come learn the art of relationship astrology with me!
We will dive deeply into synastry charts in this 7-week course ~ you will walk away with a complete understanding of how to read relationship charts ♥️