Venus in Scorpio…November 7th – December 1st, 2017

Holding Hands UnderwaterOooof…this is an intense one. When the planet of the heart moves through the deepest, most transformational sign? Hold on tight.
Venus is moving us into the dark, deep waters of powerful Scorpio. This won’t be a lighthearted, whimsical time for love. This is the time where you will dive the deepest, move through your heart’s energy and hear the long-lost whispers of her truth. Listen. It’s important.
The next 3 weeks will be all about bringing your heart right into the spotlight of your awareness. It’s time to express your love with all of your heart, not holding anything back.  
Right now we have the potential to turn the love that is in our lives into a potent, transformational experience.

Scorpio asks you…
Can you be strong?
Can you be brave?
Can you sit with the intensity and feel it burn away the old only to be reborn into the new?

Venus in Scorpio is asking us to take relationship to the edge of comfort, to the extreme.  
Relationships that are weak or shaky have the potential to fall away, be turned to ash, leaving room for something new to emerge.
Relationships that are destined will have the potential to come out of this transit with renewed focus, passion, strength, healing, honesty.
You see, Jupiter is also moving through Scorpio…and Jupiter brings the need for authenticity, to have the truth spoken, to do things in an expansive way and not hold back.
Venus in Scorpio these next 3 weeks speaks to us of listening to the secrets of the heart, moving through the fire of relationship, and the ultimate rebirth into the new; a complete transformational emergence into the world of the heart.
I’ll see you in the fire.

What house does Scorpio fall in for you? THAT is the area of life you will be feeling this energy the most.

If you’d like to know where Scorpio lives in your chart, and how this time may effect you, schedule a natal chart reading with me here: Schedule a Reading