⭐️ The planet of pleasure, romance, & love, is in the airy sign of Aquarius right now. It’s a time of allowing space within partnership and feeling your individuality. Venus in Aquarius shows us how to love without clinging, how to love without completely melding into another person.

This is the time of unconventional love. The rule book of love is placed on the shelf for a bit, as we make up our own rules to our relationships and have them be exactly what they are asking to be – without the confines of what society says they should be.

Being friends with your lover is a major theme right now. You may fall in love with someone you’ve been friends with for a long time, during this transit, or, you may need to cultivate friendship within existing relationships.

There needs to be a lot of breathing room within partnership right now, letting the other person feel free to completely be themselves, however unusual that looks. It’s a time of intellectual bonding within relationships…sharing ideas, thoughts, opinions. Mental connection right now is a must.

If you love an Aquarius, show them your love by listening to their many interesting thought processes, by letting them know how unusual and interesting they are; how beautifully unique they are. Give them room to have their independence and freedom, watching as they happily go on their crazy adventures, only to come back to you and tell you all about them. Never tell them they are just like everyone else. Never label them or put them in a box. Never smother. Be their lover and most importantly their friend, listen to them with interest and give them a hand to hold (but not too tightly) through their many adventures.

***What is your Venus in? This tells how you show up in relationship; how you love, why you love, what you love, and how you express it. If you’d like to book a reading with me, please book through the contact form on this website!