New Moon in Sagittarius…December 18, 2017 

sagittarius-sergey-malkov-artDecember 18, 2017 the New Moon is in Sagittarius… ? ✨

The New Moon falls at 26 degrees Sagittarius. ?
We have both the Sun and the Moon in Sagittarius…double fire. With New Moons it’s always a time to go inward, to be in the stillness and the perfect darkness that is all around in this winter month.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is asking you to ponder truths – your truth and the universal truth. It is asking you to speak out and be bold, to go on an adventure of the self. It’s a time for quiet seeking, for finding the wisdom and answers that you are looking for.

Here’s the fun part – Saturn is on one side of this New Moon, and Venus is on the other side of the New Moon. It’s like a New Moon sandwich!

Saturn holding hands with this New Moon brings about commitment, hard work, discipline…Venus holding the other hand of our New Moon promises pleasure, love, romance.

Saturn and Venus aren’t the only ones who want to play with the New Moon…Uranus is in a beautiful trine with her as well. This will bring a fresh, new, experience…one that, perhaps, you didn’t see coming, but are welcoming in with delightful surprise.

This is going to be a period of bringing together romance and commitment. The hard work you put towards a relationship will have the likely hood of paying off. Saturn brings longevity to relationships, and Venus brings the pleasure and heart factor. Uranus is bringing a mix of fresh air and excitement. Breathe it all in if you dare; the wonders of this New Moon has so many factors coming into play. Be open to receiving her magic.

***Where does 26 degrees Sagittarius fall in your chart? This will be the area of life that’s being affected for you during this cycle. If you’d like to find out, you can book a reading with me here on my website.