New Moon in Libra ~ October 19, 2017

Malika Semper AstrologerThis month our New Moon falls into the sign of Libra at 26 degrees. This means there is a double Libra energy in the Universe at this time, because the Sun is also in the sign of Libra.

We are being asked to seek balance; to seek balance and to encorporate it into our daily existence. Not only in our day to day, but to establish balance within our heart and mind.

Libra is an air sign…it rules the intellect. Venus, the planet of the heart, rules Libra. The head, the heart. We must find balance and harmony between the mind/thoughts, and the emotional world of feelings. Bring them together. Have them find common ground.

Relationship is in the air during a double Libra energy. Because this is a New Moon, which always represents new beginnings of a cycle, you may find new relationships blossoming under these two luminaries. Romantic relationships, yes, but also bringing in relationships of the heart between friends and family members.

The New Moon is opposite Uranus during this time, which will bring with it unexpected change and sudden, exciting happenings. Uranus comes in to shake up the sedentary in our lives. The key here, is to find that Libra balance and peace amidst the change. Libra seeks to keep the scales from wobbling too much to one side or another, seeks to keep equilibrium.

You may feel restless with the Uranus opposition, or a strong need to break ties and find your own, personal freedom. Be careful of impulsive reaction or decisions, taking time to think things through while Uranus brings scattered energy.

Our New Moon is sextile Saturn, which is such a blessing with the erratic energy of Uranus. Saturn being in a harmonious relationship to the Moon during this time, will bring much needed grounding and a sense of patience to the changes of Uranus. Saturn will remind us to think thoroughly through the details, to not make hasty decision, and it brings a stable, practical sense of duty that we can rely on.

Above all else, our Libra New Moon is reminding us of the importance of harmony and beauty, love and connection, balance and equilibrium, within our hearts and minds.

It’s a beautiful time to pay attention to the visual beauty you surround yourself with. Shine the beauty and love out from your heart to blanket those around you.