New Moon in Gemini – May 25, 2017

gemini_new_moonHere we have our New Moon in the airy sign of Gemini…new thoughts, new ideas, new paths, new choices, all lie before us now.

The New Moon always brings the start of a new cycle in our lives…a time to shed the old, and create something new. A few weeks ago, we had our Scorpio Full Moon…and whatever surfaced for us during that time, is being asked to be cleared away with the New Moon, to make room for our new possibilities to unfold.

New Moon in Gemini is asking us to speak the unspeakable, to bring forward to conscious mind the unconscious. It’s a time where we are being asked to focus on our thoughts, our ideas, where our mind is taking us; to look at how we communicate, how we speak to those around us, and most importantly, how we speak to ourselves.

Big ideas can surface with this New Moon. Seeds are being planted for this coming cycle. Water those seeds with your thoughts and ideas, with your curiosity that is available in abundance with this Gemini energy.

During this time, we have Venus squaring Pluto in the Heavens, as well. This brings intensity to our relationships, to what we love, to how we love. Deep feelings arise now…perhaps heartbreak we haven’t dealt with… perhaps a love affair that brings transformation and intensity arrives, or grows. It brings an all-or-nothings attitude… anything lukewarm will not do now.

New Moon in Gemini is giving us gifts of bright curiosity, of questions being asked, of new possibilities within the realms of our intellect…feel the abundance of the mind during this time.