New Moon in Capricorn…January 16, 2018

This New Moon falls at 26 degrees in the earthy sign of Capricorn.

As with all New Moons, it is a time of beginnings; to plant the seeds of intention for the next 30 day cycle.

This is double Capricorn in the sky – both Sun & Moon fall into this constellation.
This is a time of powerful manifestation – whatever Capricorn puts its mind to, it WILL achieve. What is it that you are wanting to make happen in your world? The New Moon in Capricorn will support you with steadfast progression into this new beginning.

Romance is in the air, with this New Moon conjunct Venus – meaning that Venus & the Moon are holding hands in the sky. Venus is at 28 degrees Capricorn, just 2 degrees away from our lovely Moon. The planet of love & pleasure, doing a dance with our inner, emotional world? Yes, please! This is a great time to focus on relationship, pleasure, harmony, love…all that you want to create in the world of your heart. Relationships will likely flourish in strength and emotional connection during this Moon, IF you bring awareness and loving focus to them.

A Capricorn New Moon is all about putting your goals into place, making that check-list, and then with steadfast commitment, climbing that ladder to achievement – and then climbing up and beyond! This is a big support in the way of progressive movement forward.

With Venus in the mix, look to your relationships and ask yourself what heights you’d like to see them reach. Does your relationship need some attention and nurturing? Well then this is the perfect time to work on that, so that by our next full moon, it will be in a place of beauty and steady love.

To see which area of YOUR life will be effected by this New Capricorn Moon, schedule a reading with me and we can take a look!

Happy manifesting!