Huge Celestial Energy coming in on…January 31, 2018

Hold onto your seats…we have a Super Moon, a Blue Moon, and a Total Lunar Eclipse happening on Wednesday, January 31, 2018!

SUPER MOON ~ the moon appears to be bigger and brighter than usual…30% bigger, to be exact.
BLUE MOON ~ usually we have 1 Full Moon per month…not this month! A Blue Moon is the 2nd full Moon of the month, and an eclipse happening at the same time.
TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE ~ when the Earth sits between the Sun & the Moon, blocking out the Sun’s light…creating a red shadow over the moon’s surface.

The Total Lunar Eclipse is falling at 11 degrees of Leo. You can witness it in the wee morning hours of Wednesday, January 31st. To find exact time, you’ll need to convert to your time zone.

Whether you see it or not, you’ll feel these big energies swirling above us.

This Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse is at the exact same degree as Ceres. They are doing an intimate dance in the sky.

Ceres is the nurturer, motherhood, the feminine; where the Moon is all of these things as well, Ceres is a bit more fierce in her energy – she is the independent woman, the single mother, the working mother.

There will be strong emphasis around the home, family, children…how we show up in these areas of our lives.

The Moon combined with Ceres is a double whammy of the strong feminine…feelings of having the feminine rise within are potently felt and released through powerful expression. We have the Full Moon, Ceres, AND the Total Lunar Eclipse giving rise to what has sat dormant, still, or quiet…it is time to roar.

This is a change to clear away emotional baggage that has been trapped for the last 6 months – since the eclipse season began in August 2017. Whatever has been accumulating and gathering in you, is asking to be released now. We have the support of the Universe to do just that.

Our Lunar Eclipse is quincunx Neptune – this brings an emotionally sensitivity with it. This brings an air of confusion or fog around the emotional world. Making sure that we are in the reality of our situations, removing the rose-colored glasses for clear vision, is essential.

The Sun opposing this Full Moon/ Ceres combo, is asking us to think about the polarities of life when it comes to the masculine (Sun) and the feminine (Moon)…this may show up in parenting, how we co-parent if separated, looking at our roles as women in the dynamic of our family. This is asking us to find balance.

Things may be rising up in your around how you show up, what role you take on, within the household, within your parenting, within the way you nurture and take care of others. Is it balanced? Is it even? Is it fair? Are you being taken advantage of? Are you being witnessed in the strength that you carry on a day to day basis? Are you being honored in the way you wake up and do the work that needs to be done to make sure the children are taken care of and loved? These and more are the questions that are being asked to be looked at…and ultimately balanced out.

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