Goodbye Taurus…hello Gemini! May 21 – June 20

And now we say goodbye to the slow and calm, the steady and easy-does-it pace of Taurus…and we welcome in busy, chatty, funny Gemini ?

Here we have our smarty-pants, our creative one with all of the ideas in their back pockets. Their mind does not have an off button…they are ruled by Mercury; the planet of intellect.

Communication is a must for them. Asking them to not verbalize their thoughts, is like asking them not to breathe breath into their lungs.

Geminis are the multi-taskers of the zodiac. Why do one things, when you can do…20 things at once?! Sleep? Who needs sleep? Calm? Who needs calm?

You will have your best conversations with a Gemini. They are the best at networking and creating from their ideas. Unless they’re too scatter-brained…which can come with the territory. They will never be boring, that’s for sure. The greatest insult you could hurl at them would be to call them boring!

They are curious…yes, they’re asking so many questions about you because they really DO want to know! They are fascinated with people, and the way others’ minds work.
They’re allowed to change their minds. Because they’re going to do it anyway, allowed or not!

Geminis are the story-tellers. They’re minds weave words together like no other.
Gemini rules the lungs, the arms, the fingers. Watch a Gemini talk…they will most certainly emphasize what they’re saying with arms and hands moving around.

Within relationship, Gemini NEEDS mental connection and stimulation. Intellectual connection is more of a turn-on than anything else.

Gemini is here to connect and network the tribe. They are the messengers of the Gods.
If you are a Gemini, a good practice is to still the mind; to connect HEART and FEELING to word and intellect…and to know when not to talk 😉

And it was morning as Spirit stood before her 12 children and into each of them she planted the seed of human life. One by one each child stepped forward to receive his appointed gift –

“To you Gemini, I give the questions without answers, so that you may bring to all an understanding of what man sees around him. You will never know why men speak or listen, but in your quest for the answer, you will find my gift of Knowledge.”

And Gemini stepped back into place.’