Full Moon in Taurus – November 4th, 2017

Taurus MoonThe Moon is moving into Taurus as she approaches her fullness. The Moon feels so comfortable in this placing.

This is a time where we may feel the joys of simplicity and relaxation around us. There may be a focus of needing to slow down, and this moon supports you in that. It’s a time to move into the simple pleasures this world has to offer – take time cooking meals and enjoying their flavors…take time to walk in nature and be witness to the leaves changing in this season…take time to cuddle up and indulge in your favorite chocolate and a good book. Touch, taste, sight, feel, smell…they all luxuriate the senses now, if we pay attention.

This Full Moon is sextile Neptune. The Neptunian influence in the air will bring great sensitivity when it comes to others feelings. Make sure to be able to differentiate if it’s YOU that’s feeling something, or if you’re picking up someone else’s energy. Boundaries are wobbly when Neptune is in the air. Neptune in relationship with the moon brings strong spiritual influences. Intuition will be at an all time high, and you will feel great empathy towards those close to you. Neptune holds unconditional love, the purest love…you may feel your emotions and heart singing in the love of an admirer or yourself shining your love on those around you.

Pay attention to your dreams during this cycle…Neptune provides dreams that hold the answers to life’s stresses, dreams that hold such important messages. The combination of the Sun in Scorpio, coupled with the Moon in Taurus, brings lessons of holding on versus letting go. Moon in Taurus wants you to hold onto your possessions and material goods…while the Sun in Scorpio is teaching the power of surrendering and releasing the grasp on things….for some it may be a time of learning the dance between holding on too tightly and letting go in a state of surrender.

The Full Moon in Taurus may bless some with financial abundance and security, sensual love, and a taste for the simple pleasures this life has to offer. Be open to receiving all this Taurus Full Moon has to offer. It’s a good one.