Full Moon in Scorpio

Sphynx_Pyramid_FullMoonThis is our moon of transformation…deep, intense, transformation. We will be swimming through deep experiences that will be remembered.

Magic is in the air! Full Moon in Scorpio brings magic and spell-binding moments. This is a chance to reach higher levels of consciousness, by bringing us to the light of removing things that we don’t need any long. But first, before we reach the light, we must go to the depths.

Relationships during this time will reach deeper levels of intimacy, OR, you will feel the letting go of moving on. Things that aren’t working can be reborn during this Full Moon.

Our Scorpio Full Moon is in sextile to Pluto in the heavens…when you combine these two energies…it isn’t for the faint of heart. We may experience intense personal interactions with others, positive or negative, but one thing is for certain – these interactions will bring clarity.

This sensitive Full Moon with intense Pluto in the mix can be a hard one to carry. It’s a time for our own, personal psychology, where we can get to the roots of our addictions or destructive behaviors. The energy of transformation allows us to move forward on a much clearer road before us.

During this Full Moon, remember the strength of your personal power. Remember the potency of your focus, and your ability to manifest what you actually want and need. Scorpio Full Moon holds magic and the opportunity to make that magic become reality.

Be open to where this transformative energy is taking you, and give thanks for the possibilities. Scorpio Full Moon tells us it’s time for a rebirth.