This Full Moon is asking us to move inward. We welcome in the Full Moon at 3 degrees of Pisces. The essence is gentle…floaty…soft…empathic…which is so nice after a summer full of retrogrades!

A Full Moon always occurs when the Sun and Moon are directly opposite one another. The opposition we are playing with is Virgo and Pisces. Pisces Full Moon is asking us to dream, and to dream big. The most far-fetched dreams and notions have the ability to come true now, with the Virgo Sun taking care of the details. All we are being asked to do this Full Moon is dream the dream. The Sun will take care of the rest.

What seeds did you plant earlier this month, 8/11, during the Solar Eclipse? Now is a time for harvest. What has been created? What has come to fruition? This Full Moon is also a potent time for release. Letting go…releasing your grasp…trusting in the empty space to create something new, soon.

This Full Moon allows us to feel everything. We feel compassion for human kind, animals, the spiritual world. Everything is glowing with love. We have an opportunity to connect with our spiritual side, much deeper than before. We have the opportunity to make amends, because we feel empathy on a whole other level…a level of love and understanding.

Pisces within this big, cosmic energy may blur our boundaries a bit…there is an essence of merging with others, taking on other’s emotions, trying to save the hurt, wounded, or addicted. Be aware of where you are doing this, and practice those healthy boundaries. Naturally, we can lose ourselves during a Pisces Full Moon – but only if we forget to keep our feet on the ground. Tap into the grounding Virgo energy of the Sun if you feel yourself floating too far away…come back, and practice self-love and nurturing. You don’t always have to offer it to others; take care of yourself, first.

There is a beautiful Grand Trine in Earth above us – this helps to keep us grounded, solid, responsible. This keeps us from moving TOO far off into other worlds with the Pisces energy.

The Moon is sextile Saturn – Saturn is our planet of responsibility and work. When it’s doing a harmonious dance with our Full Moon, this shows up within family, our close friends, those most important to us. We have an urge to protect now, to shelter and nurture with the practical. We can show up and take care of our families, our close circle.

The Moon is also sextile Uranus – Uranus is our planet of excitement and change. When it’s doing a harmonious dance with our Full Moon, this show up as change from within. We have a strong ability to create pleasant changes in the way of our emotions. In comes a strong download of intuition, as well, with Uranus; intuition that moves straight into our hearts (Moon). We benefit now from following our gut instincts.

With this soft, watery Full Moon, allow yourself to move through your feelings – there are many pleasant aspects being made, so it’s all in the flow. Finally! Lay back, float, spread your arms out, and trust.

Do you have any personal planets at 3 degrees Pisces? If so, these are being strongly influenced by this Moon. Full Moon energy touching a personal planet within your chart, awakens this planet’s energy to the fullest – activating it and engaging it’s lessons for you.