Full Moon in Aries – October 5, 2017

Full Moon In AriesWe are entering into the fiery energy of an Aries Moon. The feeling in the air is much different from our Pisces Full Moon of last month.

Aries Full Moon teaches us about being independent, non-reliant on others, taking action on the part of ourselves. It brings with it intense and passionate energies. Within relationships, power struggles may come up to be looked at. There is a dance going on in the heavens between the self (Aries Full Moon) and the other (Sun in Libra).

Our Aries Full Moon is squaring Pluto – this is about the intensity of emotions; emotions and feelings that may have been buried so deep, but are now coming up and being exposed. Some may have a difficulty controlling these powerful emotions.

Anything or anyone that feels needy or dependent on you may feel…annoying during this time. Family members or those close to you may feel too clingy, and we may find the want to shake them off and find our own space to be free and move around without limitations.

This is a time about celebrating yourself, finding your strength and pushing ever onwards and upwards no matter the obstacles. The past and yesterday are falling away, and Aries Full Moon is asking you to be in the here and now. It’s time to step-up and make things happen…no more stagnation. Aries does not do stagnation. It’s a time of claiming your life back.

The Full Moon is opposite Mercury – this brings a divide between the head (Mercury) and the heart (Moon). The trick here is to merge the head and heart so they are in agreement. Teach the mind to work with your inner knowing, your intuition. There is going to be a need to communicate (Mercury) your feelings (Moon). Remember, emotions are intense and when they come to the forefront, verbally processing them will be supported and helpful.
With Aries Full Moon, power is up for grabs. Are you willing to grab it?