After the Capricorn energy of goals, ambition, order, meeting our deadlines, working…we can now throw caution to the wind and let our freak flag flyyy as we enter Aquarius!

Aquarius, our beautiful water-bearer, is actually an air sign. Here we have our geniuses, our revolutionaries, our truth sayers and inventors.

Aquarius came into this life with the permission to break the rules. Try it – give them rules to follow, put them in a box, try to conform them, and they will rebel at all costs. They were made to rip up the sheet of rules and rewrite them.
They are individuals – they will not conform. Show them a well-trodden path to walk down, point to the goal at the end, and they will turn the other way, tread a NEW path and do it their own way. (Have you ever tried parenting one of these little ones?! I have ?)

They are the sign of friendship, groups, tribes. They need to find their tribe this lifetime. They need to be a part of groups. They thrive amongst their friends, and are some of the friendliest people in the bunch. The more the merrier.

They can walk this life feeling like they don’t fit in…because they don’t. They are the eccentrics, the freaks, the weirdos. ( I say that lovingly.) They are the misfits. They need to find the other misfits to create their family. They can struggle through feeling left out at times…being so in love with their uniqueness, and then struggling with it as well.

Aquarius is here to embrace what is futuristic, what we haven’t discovered yet. Their minds are brilliant. They receive flashes of intuition out of seemingly nowhere. They are our scientists, our inventors, our futurists.

Aquarius is the humanitarian. They fight for causes they believe in, on the front line. They always stick up for the under-dog.
They do tend to come across at times as unemotional, detached, cold…it’s only because they live in their intellects more so than their hearts. They are the ones that can make intellectual, logical decisions because of this trait. And, get to know them on a personal level, IF they let you – and you will find the most loyal, steadfast friend, fighting for you and sticking up for you, no matter what.

They have compassion for the collective, the whole of it. They are in tune with the collective, the group. Their lesson here is to accept their eccentricity…they’re not normal and so what??? Be yourself, Aquarius – we need your new, bright, inventive, breath-of-fresh-air ways of coloring this world. We would be bored without you.

And it was morning as Spirit stood before her twelve children and into each of them she planted a seed of human life. One by one each child stepped forward to receive their appointed gift.

“To you, Aquarius, I give the concept of future that man might see other possibilities. You will have the pain of loneliness, for I do not allow you to personalize my love. But for turning man’s eyes to new possibilities I give the gift of freedom, that in your liberty you may continue to serve mankind wherever he needs you.” And Aquarius stepped back into place.

We all have Aquarius somewhere in our charts – it shows what area of life we rebel, where we do things eccentrically, where we look at the collective and the whole. If you’d like to know where this shows up for you, please book an astrology reading with me through my website.