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The Relationship Astrologer

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About Malika

Malika Semper is a Debra Silverman Certified Astrologer and Certified Intuitive Counselor. She has been professionally practicing astrology since 2016. She is a writer and a teacher. Her love for astrology started in her teen years, and she has been studying and using it in her life ever since. Within her readings she intuitively finds connection with her client and weaves compassion and practical tools through-out the reading. Malika is passionate about sharing with you your highest potential; what you came in to do, and who you came in to be, and taking the practical steps to start your journey. One of her greatest joys comes from soul-connection with others, being with her children, and sharing insights with people through the eyes of the stars.


Malika Semper has studied extensively with Debra Silverman, Divine Harmony, Kelly Surtees…just to name a few. She teaches for Debra Silverman’s Applied Astrology school, as well as teaching her own private classes – from beginner to advanced.


Her Synastry Series is a favorite of her students. Malika Semper has worked with and for Debra Silverman and her team since 2017. 

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