The stories of the stars are as old as time itself.

We all came in with a beautiful blue-print of our souls – our natal birth chart.

An astrology reading allows your story to be told and awakened. It brings into focus and helps us to understand our gifts and our challenges. It brings compassion to ourselves once we understand who it is we innately are and came here to be.

Working with Malika

In a full astrology reading with Malika, you will learn:

  • Your life purpose
  • Working with your challenges to create ease
  • Activating the gifts that you came in with
  • Bringing conscious awareness to your love life; what works for you and what doesn’t
  • The 4 elements – which is your missing element and how to build it to create a life of balance
  • What the planets are doing currently and how this is affecting you, personally

…And so much more

We learn to fall in love with ourselves again;
we remember our soul and our purpose here this lifetime.

Sun_and_Zodiac_Signs_in_BlueThe heavens are constantly in motion, and it affects us here on earth. Astrology allows us to activate the possibilities and opportunities that are currently in our chart and/or are just on the horizon, coming in. It allows us to find gratitude in the way we are being held by the universe, and how to navigate the struggles we face.

Astrology is a most useful tool to set you on your true path. It’s a coming home to your soul, to who you promised to be this lifetime. Listen to the sky…she is speaking to us every day.

In a reading with Malika, you’ll discover your life-purpose, your true character in depth, and what is currently happening within your chart. Malika shares important tools that you can apply to your life in a practical way, so that you have something tangible to walk away with.