Full Moon in Taurus – November 4th, 2017

The Moon is moving into Taurus as she approaches her fullness. The Moon feels so comfortable in this placing. This is a time where we may feel the joys of simplicity and relaxation around us. There may be a focus of needing to slow down, and this moon supports you in that. It’s a time […]

New Moon in Libra ~ October 19, 2017

This month our New Moon falls into the sign of Libra at 26 degrees. This means there is a double Libra energy in the Universe at this time, because the Sun is also in the sign of Libra. We are being asked to seek balance; to seek balance and to encorporate it into our daily […]

Scorpio… October 23rd ~ November 21

Goodbye sweet, harmonious Libra, and hello to powerful, transformative Scorpio. Such a big shift in energy. Here we have our water sign of the scorpion. We aren’t talking mere shallow pools of water…oh, no – we are talking about the deepest depths of the most powerful bodies of water. Scorpio has nothing to do with […]

Full Moon in Aries – October 5, 2017

We are entering into the fiery energy of an Aries Moon. The feeling in the air is much different from our Pisces Full Moon of last month. Aries Full Moon teaches us about being independent, non-reliant on others, taking action on the part of ourselves. It brings with it intense and passionate energies. Within relationships, […]

What is your Moon Sign?

Our Moon Signs are our emotions, our inner world, how we react emotionally to what’s going on around us, and also, how we show our affection. To know your loved ones Moon Signs, allows you to have compassion for them exactly as they are. You will understand that your Moon in Capricorn partner will show […]

Full Moon in Scorpio

This is our moon of transformation…deep, intense, transformation. We will be swimming through deep experiences that will be remembered. Magic is in the air! Full Moon in Scorpio brings magic and spell-binding moments. This is a chance to reach higher levels of consciousness, by bringing us to the light of removing things that we don’t […]

Goodbye Taurus…hello Gemini! May 21 – June 20

And now we say goodbye to the slow and calm, the steady and easy-does-it pace of Taurus…and we welcome in busy, chatty, funny Gemini 💕 Here we have our smarty-pants, our creative one with all of the ideas in their back pockets. Their mind does not have an off button…they are ruled by Mercury; the […]

New Moon in Gemini – May 25, 2017

Here we have our New Moon in the airy sign of Gemini…new thoughts, new ideas, new paths, new choices, all lie before us now. The New Moon always brings the start of a new cycle in our lives…a time to shed the old, and create something new. A few weeks ago, we had our Scorpio […]

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 9th, 2017

Fire in the sky, with a Sagittarius Full Moon. Can you feel the excitement building, the yearning for fun and freedom within yourself? These qualities will be illuminated during this Full Moon cycle. There is a quest in the air for the bigger picture of life… a meaning, a want to go beyond the here […]